Become Zabbix Partner

Only through an extended network of trusted partners located across the world Zabbix may reach those hundreds of thousands of companies that actively use or plan to use Zabbix monitoring solution and require our professional assistance such as technical support, consulting, professional training, custom development and other services.

More than 30,000 copies of Zabbix software are downloaded every month. So it creates an enormous market of companies searching for advice, technical assistance, know-how and regular support. Becoming Zabbix partner gives you both: very high exposure among potential customers and access to exclusive sales, marketing and technical base provided by Zabbix professionals.

We have developed several programs aimed at companies with different levels of planned involvement, starting from simple promotion and resale of Zabbix products and up to the ability to provide first line support and professional training to customers.

Benefits of Becoming Partner

Zabbix is committed to developing world's best solution for environment monitoring and to providing the very best level of service to customers. But Zabbix has limited resources for professional services on local markets, and rely on partners for the delivery of complete solutions to the customers. We aim to build mutually beneficial relationship that would last for many years. Becoming a Zabbix Partner provides several key benefits:

  • Access pre-sale consulting services
  • Gain differentiation and the competitive edge you need to stand out in the marketplace
  • Get recognized by potential customers and increase the visibility of your business by having your logo on Zabbix website
  • Get ahead of competitors by using technical support according to professional Service Level Agreements
  • Discounts on all Zabbix services (professional training, consulting, custom development, etc.)
  • Ability to use the Zabbix Partner logo on your website
  • Participation to joint marketing events
Available Partner Programs

Zabbix distinguishes three programs adapted to the partner's business model:

  • Reseller

    Reseller is a company that engages in the promotion and re-sale of Zabbix services. Reseller's primary task is to find a lead, present and promote Zabbix product and services, consult the lead on best suited solution, and arrange signature of the contract, while Zabbix will actually provide the selected service.

    For many partners this is an initial level to start with as it allows to get an idea about the local market and demand for Zabbix services with minimum investment, while providing the Reseller a wide potential for future growth. This program is perfect for start-ups, consulting companies, companies specializing in active product and services sales or companies which sell Zabbix solution along with their core products, services or solutions. While allowing to benefit from selling Zabbix services, it does not require to actually provide the service itself.

  • Certified Partner

    Certified Partner, besides the right to promote and re-sell Zabbix services, is officially authorized to deliver selected Zabbix services and solutions. The partner benefits from keeping a very close contact with the customers at all times and thus is able to sell other value added services to the customer along with Zabbix services and create a stronger attachment to customer.

    The Certified Partner program requires a bigger initial investment in infrastructure setup and personnel education, but creates a potential for bigger returns in the long run. This program is intended for established Hardware and Software Resellers, System Integrators or Technology Consultancy companies with experience and proven knowledge in providing support services to customers.

  • Premium Partner

    While Premium Partner has the same authorization to promote, re-sell and deliver Zabbix services and solutions, this highest partner status is testament of special knowledge, skills and experience, as well as the capacity to participate in sophisticated projects related to Zabbix solution implementation, integration and support. The Premium Partner status is assigned by Zabbix only to those partners that meet a special benchmark in providing Zabbix services and are able to prove high proficiency of personnel about Zabbix solution.

    The Premium Partner status clearly shows to potential customers from corporate sector that the partner has proven capabilities to handle large projects related to Zabbix solution integration, implementation and support and thus can be a reliable supplier of these services.


We would really appreciate to see among our partners Hardware and Software Resellers, System Integrators and Technology Consultancy companies, though there are no strict restrictions regarding the kinds of organizations entering the Partnership Program.

Each partner program has its own qualification requirements to ensure that potential and existing customers receive a level of services that meets the high quality standards of Zabbix.

Application Process

Application process is fast and easy. To enroll in the partner program, please download and complete an Application Form and send it to We will contact you shortly to answer your questions if any, to discuss the details of co-operation and to instruct you on further steps. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Program Comparison

Each program is carefully designed to bring the maximum benefit to all involved parties including customers, partners and Zabbix. Below is a table that gives a general comparison of available partner programs, while more detailed information can be obtained by contacting us.

 ResellerCertified PartnerPremium Partner 
 Core Benefits
   Authorization to resell Zabbix support and servicesYesYesYes
   Authorization to provide customer support backed by Zabbix-YesYes
   Authorization to deliver Zabbix training programsOptionOptionOption
   Discounts on Zabbix services for Partner internal use-YesYes
   Sales commission for re-selling of Zabbix servicesYesYesYes
   Special discounts for Partner employees' training20%20% + 2 free courses per year20% + 4 free courses per year
   Option to visit Zabbix office together with potential customersYesYesYes
   Option to invite Zabbix senior staff members to participate in meetings and presentations of Zabbix at customer location-YesYes
 Sales and Marketing Support
   Zabbix NewsletterYesYesYes
   Support for sales related questionsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
   Resolution of customer pre-sale technical inquiriesYesYesYes
   Co-marketing opportunitiesYesYesYes
   Access to Marketing materialsYesYesYes
   Access to Sales KitYesYesYes
   First notification for participation in Zabbix eventsYesYesYes
   Partner logo and information on Zabbix web pageYesYesYes
   Authorization to use Zabbix Partner logoYesYesYes
   Authorization to use Zabbix logo *YesYesYes
   Partner certificateYesYesYes
   Joint press-releasesYesYesYes
 Problem Resolution Support
   Contact channels availableE-mailE-mail, Support system, PhoneE-mail, Support system, Phone
   Technical Problem resolution for Customers' IssuesAccording to Customer support agreement
   Free technical support of Partner's test environment-8x524x7
   Technical Resolution of development/non-production issues of Partner--Option
 Product Support
   Early product and roadmap plan notification-YesYes
   Product and roadmap plans discussion--Yes
   Minimum number of Zabbix Certified Specialists within Partner's company-13
   Meeting certain quality and net sales criteria--Yes
   Annual Partnership FeeContact Sales
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