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Zabbix case studies represent the real-life examples, told by our customers, partners and users that demonstrate the incredible value and benefits Zabbix brings to their companies or organizations of any sizes, and different kinds of industries.

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April, 2017

Using Zabbix to implement monitoring capable of automatically supporting the flexibility provided by clouds Introducing this solution within a period of one month by utilizing the AWS monitoring template of TIS more

yec_logo 福岡大学

YEC Solutions

March, 2017

Zabbix supports YEC Data center business foundation. Based on the knowledge gained, YEC also develops support services for customers more

university_oslo_logo 福岡大学

University of Oslo

January, 2017

Zabbix is monitoring a heterogeneous infrastructure of the main educational institution in Norway with more than 3,000 servers and services more

fukuoka_logo 福岡大学

Fukuoka University

October, 2016

Monitoring of more than 40,000 items with a single Zabbix Server Zabbix supports the stable operation of a system at a prominent large-scale educational facility in West Japan more

nifty_logo nexon

NEXON Co., Ltd.

January, 2016

A little over three months to complete implementation;Zabbix watches over Nexon’s infrastructure for optimization more

nifty_logo ニフティ株式会社

NIFTY Corporation

November, 2015

Nifty Cloud provides monitoring for some of the world’s largest infrastructures using virtualized environment monitoring functions implemented in its Development Services more

KDDI株式会社 logo


April, 2015

Application monitoring that takes early detection and early restoration to the limits, supporting the quality of the KDDI Cloud Platform Service (KCPS) cloud service provided by KDDI, and its other side more

楽天証券株式会社 logo

Rakuten Securities, Inc.

April, 2015

Unified monitoring across varying architectures using Zabbix: High-level service is strength of Rakuten Securities more

QTNet logo 宮崎県庁様

Miyazaki Prefecture

March, 2015

Virtual infrastructure systems Monitoring “thoroughly and at low cost” QTNet supports initiative of Miyazaki Prefectural Government Office more

宮銀 logo 宮銀コンピューターサービス株式会社

Miyagin Computer Service Co., Ltd.

March, 2015

Implementing high-quality data center services using Zabbix at an advantageous cost more

株式会社サイバーエージェント logo 株式会社サイバーエージェント様

CyberAgent Inc.

February, 2015

Realizing the “sense of speed” demanded by CyberAgent with automation through API link more

Zabbix Case Study -, LLC.

March, 2014

Zabbix enabled, LLC to fulfill the shortage of monitoring system it faced and to solve the existing drawbacks with issue reporting, trends identification and capacity planning.

Zabbix Case Study - ITtelligent

ITtelligent Consulting Services

January, 2014

With Zabbix Monitoring Software, ITtelligent Consulting Services became much more proactive in the care of company's clients systems and allowed to become more productive over all.

Zabbix Case Study - Eltele

Eltele AS

October, 2013

After implementing Zabbix solution, Eltele AS has improved: database growth, housekeeping issues are gone, and will hopefully stay there, stability has increased tremendously, false alarms have decreased to a bare minimum, and customers satisfaction has gone up to a level the company has never been on before.

Zabbix Case Study - Total Server Solutions

Total Server Solutions, LLC.

March, 2013

With Zabbix Monitoring Software, Total Server Solutions, LLC. made it easy to implement custom checks and therefore improved the performance for some major clients.

Zabbix Case Study - ChinaNetCloud


December, 2011

Zabbix allowed ChinaNetCloud to support its client operations with high availability and at low cost.

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