Zabbix 3.0 Screenshots

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Dashboard is a main screen of Zabbix Example of customized Zabbix dashboard Overview Network utilization graph Pie chart of disk usage Screen of custom graphs Details of web browsing scenario and graphical presentation of collected data Example of report on IT services availability with geographical tree List of monitoring latest data Simple graph of latest data Raw value list of latest data Screen displaying status of triggers Screen displaying history of events Example of maps in Zabbix


Report on status of Zabbix Report on availability report Report on triggers top 100


List of defined host groups Host group modification screen that allows to add/remove hosts in the host group List of configured templates Template entry screen List of configured hosts Configuration of applications Host entry/modification screen List of ‘vSphere001’ host items Host item entry/modification screen List of ‘vSphere001’ host triggers Trigger configuration screen Graph configuration screen List of configured web monitoring scenarios List of low level discovery rules Discovery rule configuration screen Configuration of discovery item prototypes Entry screen to define maintenance periods Entry screen to define maintenance schedules Entry screen to define maintenance hosts and groups Action configuration screen Operations configuration screen Configuration of IT services


Zabbix installation screen Zabbix login screen Configuration of GUI Configuration of Housekeeping Set of icons that can be used on Zabbix maps Automatic icon mapping for defined device types Value mapping for human readable Trigger severity name and color customization screen Screen of user permissions Screen of user definition Audit logs of user ‘Admin’ activities for selected period Screen displaying queue of items to be updated with differentiation by time periods Notifications report
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