Upgrade Services

This service is designed to help companies that are using older versions of Zabbix to upgrade to the latest stable version in the shortest time without a risk of losing valuable historical data, trends and configuration. Upgrade service may also be used to migrate Zabbix from one database to another or from old server to a new one.

Our technical engineer will analyze the customer's installation of Zabbix and environment under monitoring, will create a backup of current Zabbix database and configuration, will develop action plan and complete an upgrade. Along with this process, our engineer will provide expert advice on how to tune existing configuration to improve its performance.

Upgrade service maybe delivered remotely or on-site.


  • Ensures safety of your data and configuration files when upgrade is done by experienced Zabbix engineer
  • Perform migration faster with a minimum downtime of Zabbix server
  • Get suggestions on improving your Zabbix configuration and use of best practices along with delivery of upgrade


Terms and costs of upgrade service vary a lot depending on the size of environment, complexity of monitored devices and services and requirements to allowed downtime of the monitoring system. We are ready to discuss each case and prepare a commercial offer to give you a precise estimate of time and cost.

Solution Name DurationDelivery Details Price, EUR / USD *
Upgrade Light 1 dayRemote, 5% discount** on any selected 1 year support level 850.00 / 1 150.00
Upgrade Basic 2 daysRemote, 5% discount** on any selected 1 year support level 1 650.00 / 2 200.00
Upgrade Advanced 5 daysRemote, 5% discount** on any selected 1 year support level 3 900.00 / 5 200.00
Upgrade Advanced + 5 daysOn-site, 10% discount** on any selected 1 year support level 5 500.00 / 7 500.00
Upgrade Professional 10 daysOn-site, Zabbix Certified Specialist on-site training course for 5 employees (3 days), 15% discount** on any selected 1 year support level 13 500.00 / 18 500.00
Custom Package Please contact our Sales Team with price inquiries about custom packages

* The price does not include travel expenses (airplane, train, bus tickets)

** The discount is applicable only when purchased together with an Upgrade service

To learn which solution is required to upgrade your system, please complete Price Inquiry Form or contact our sales for details.

Purchase Upgrade Service

To purchase Upgrade service, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Request a quote
  2. Provide to Zabbix necessary information to estimage cost and time
  3. Make a payment according to invoice
  4. Zabbix engineers will complete the upgrade on the agreed roll-out date

Upgrade services
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If you have any questions, please contact us.

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