Consulting services can assist you deliver better and faster return on your IT investments by giving you the following benefits:

  • reduce cost by finding solution for your problem in minutes/hours instead of days or weeks
  • be more agile and complete your project faster and cheaper
  • prepare for the future by selecting right architecture from the very start
  • execute confidently, eliminate guesswork and most common mistakes.

Areas of Expertise

Consulting is aimed to provide expertise on Zabbix in the following areas:

  • design and architecture of Zabbix installation and performance tuning
  • building high availability, distributed and scalable solution, clustering Zabbix server
  • questions about Zabbix proxy vs. Zabbix server vs. Zabbix agent usage
  • migration issues to Zabbix from other system, from one database to another, from older version to newer
  • other projects requiring expertise in Zabbix.


The main advantages of contracting Zabbix for Consulting are:

  • Pay as you go - and pay only for what you need
  • Expert knowledge - we develop Zabbix, so we know everything about it
  • Independent and objective - we are vendor-neutral.

Delivery options

  • by phone or by e-mail
  • by remote connection
  • on-site.

Per Hour Prices

Consulting pricing is simple and straightforward. It may save you thousands of dollars and weeks of time. We deliver necessary answers fast and you pay only for the work actually done.

Consultancy Type Description Rate, EUR / USD Minimum billing
Standard This rate applies to most consulting tasks that are done remotely over the Internet when scheduled at least three business days in advance. Zabbix consultants will advise you in advance if rates other than Standard should apply to any request. 200.00 / 280.00 15 minutes or €50.00 / $70.00
Premium This rate applies to very complex problem or questions that require preliminary study of the issue or customer requirement to use only a specifically named Zabbix consultant. 300.00 / 400.00 15 minutes or €75.00 / $100.00

Prepaid Packages

If you plan a large installation of Zabbix for your company or you work as independent consultant on Zabbix issues, you may be interested in purchasing our consultancy services in bulk.

Prepaid Package Package Price, EUR / USD Rate per hour, EUR/ USD
10 hours 1 950.00 / 2 650.00195.00 / 265.00
20 hours 3 800.00 / 5 200.00190.00 / 260.00
40 hours 7 200.00 / 9 800.00180.00 / 245.00
80 hours 13 200.00 / 17 600.00165.00 / 220.00
Additional 10 hours At the same rate as the original purchase

On-site Consulting

It may become more efficient to have Zabbix consultant travel to your premises when you intend to discuss a large project with many professionals from different areas involved.

Visit duration Price, EUR / USD*
1 day1 450.00 / 1 950.00
2 days2 850.00 / 3 800.00
3 days4 200.00 / 5 400.00
4 days5 400.00 / 6 800.00
5 days6 750.00 / 7 600.00
* The price does not include travel expenses (airplane, train, bus tickets).

Purchase Consulting Services

Consultancy does not have to be considered as an emergency support when something goes wrong. It is rather a result of a good planning process. To purchase Zabbix consultancy services follow these easy steps:

  1. Submit Consulting Purchase Order;
  2. Make a payment based on Proforma Invoice that will be sent to you after submitting the form;
  3. Our Sales Team will send you confirmation e-mail with amount of hours available for consultancy and instruction on using the service;
  4. Sales Invoice will be mailed to you to close the transaction.

Consulting vs. Commercial Support

Those two services look very similar, but still they are different by the nature and provide answers to different questions. These are separate products, with different pricing and coverage. In brief:

Consulting is paid for on an hourly rate. Its main purpose is to answer questions related to architecture of your infrastructure, implementation of a back-up strategy, capacity planning and to provide strategic advice.

Commercial Support is paid via a fixed cost annual contract, it only covers questions related to troubleshooting specific Zabbix problems, coaching how to install and configure Zabbix, and provides fixes for source code bugs.

Consulting Purchase Order

Submit this form to request Zabbix Consulting for your company. We will send you back a Proforma Invoice for the selected solution type and further instructions as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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