Frequently Asked Questions

  • If my experience with Zabbix is poor, which training program should I choose?
    We recommend you “Zabbix Certified Specialist Course”. It was designed for users who just started to use monitoring system and who want to improve their knowledge about system and get answers on their questions.

  • How long does training last?
    "Zabbix Certified Specialist" course lasts for 3 days from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
    "Zabbix Certified Professional" course lasts for 2 days from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

  • How to apply for training?
    We recommend you to take a look at description of training courses firstly. After, register on-line using Training Application Form.

  • Do I get printed materials at the training?
    Yes, sure. Every student gets a folder with printed slides of the trainer's presentation and tasks.

  • Where are trainings held?
    Trainings are all around the world. Trainings are delivered by Zabbix Certified Trainers, which are the most experienced users of Zabbix. Zabbix Certified Trainers are employees of Zabbix company or Zabbix Certified Training partners. For current training schedule, please visit Training Overview & Schedule page.

  • How many participants can attend one training course at the same time?
    Usually we gather minimum 5 and maximum 15 participants at one training session so all the attendants feel comfortable and are able to discuss any questions related to Zabbix.

  • What do I need to bring to training?
    You need to bring your laptop with you. All the rest you will get during the training. If by any reason you are not able to bring a laptop to a training, please inform us upon registering for a training.

  • Is it essential to attend both courses?
    This is up to a student. “Zabbix Certified Specialist” course is basic course, and you can not get at “Zabbix Certified Professional” if you haven`t passed the first one. You can pass two courses one after another or just the basic first one (Zabbix Certified Specialist).

  • Who are the trainers?
    Zabbix Certified Trainers are employees of Zabbix company or Zabbix Certified Training partners, and are highly experienced users of Zabbix.

  • What is the official language of the training?
    Trainings are available in the following languages – English, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Latvian.

  • Will I get a document to verify that I have passed training?
    Yes, every student after completing the course will achieve appropriate certificate.

  • What time does training start/end at?
    Training starts at 10:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM.

  • How can I pay for training?
    By bank transfer. We will issue an invoice for your participation upon your request. The invoice should be paid in three weeks after it was issued, but not later than 3 business days before training starts.

  • What discounts can I get?
    If there are 5 or more students from one company, than you'll get 10% discount for whole group.

  • How do I cancel my registration to the Training?
    In case if attendant notify us about cancellation of his participation in training more than 10 days prior the training than we will return the paid amount in whole. In case if attendant notifies Zabbix SIA less than 10 days prior training than paid amount won`t be returned and attendant can take part in Zabbix training when the training will be held next time according to schedule on website. In case if participant after registration is unable to attend the training himself he can send another student instead. It won`t imply any additional charges. Student should notify us about change of participant in advance and send us application form with new data.

  • Can Zabbix SIA cancel the training?
    Yes. In case if 10 working days before training group of 5 people is not gathered Zabbix SIA may cancel training. Please keep this in mind when booking flight or hotel. Zabbix SIA is not responsible for any expenses that may be caused by this.

    Should you have any other questions, please feel free to email

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