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A common misunderstanding about Zabbix Monitoring Solution is that it may be applied only to monitor the health of organization's IT infrastructure, such as availability and performance of servers, network devices, and applications. However, years of experience in Zabbix software development and integration as well as knowledge gained from our customers across different industries allows us to state that Zabbix monitoring tool can perform very different tasks within the function of IT management and business process management.

Every business is unique in terms of strategy, structure, goals and tactics, so in order to keep a business “under control” some need to pay more attention to company’s availability parameters, others on security or production, while some others on performance and results. But what makes Zabbix so powerful and competitive among other solutions is that it does not limit users on what can be monitored. Zabbix Monitoring Solution is able to read, react to and show information from very different sources and can be adapted in 99.9% of cases within any area of your IT infrastructure.

To learn about how Zabbix can assist you in better understanding of all processes that surround you, not only IT environment, take a look at different areas of Zabbix software application.

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