Remote Troubleshooting Services

There are number of cases when your company will need Remote Troubleshooting:

  • responsible member of your team got sick or is on vacation and you require an urgent intervention into regular work of Zabbix
  • your team ran into a problem which it cannot solve by itself and i) information provided by forums is insufficient; ii) you are unable to understand the nature of the problem and therefore unable to explain it to Zabbix Technical Support Team
  • your situation is very atypical due to the crash of database, hardware, result of virus activity etc. and you would prefer to have Zabbix engineer aboard your recovery team

Please note that Remote Troubleshooting Services are included into the following levels of Technical Support: Gold, Platinum and Enterprise.


  • eliminate any issues you ran in within hours, not days or weeks
  • get peace of mind your system is fixed correctly, accurately and without losing any valuable data
  • reduce payroll with manpower on demand.


The following prerequisites have to be met to apply for Remote Troubleshooting:

  • provide us with a scope of the problem to estimate required Remote Troubleshooting time
  • be ready to provide us with remote access to your Linux server via SSH and HTTPS with root login credentials to your Linux server.


DurationPrice, EUR / USD
1 hour250.00 / 350.00
4 hours850.00 / 1 100.00
1 day1 500.00 / 1 900.00

Purchase Remote Troubleshooting

The process of purchasing Remote troubleshooting is made fast to provide help when you need it most. Simply:

  1. Get ready to fulfill all requirements for Remote Troubleshooting Service delivery.
  2. Submit Purchase Order Form, stating the time most suitable to contact you.
  3. Make a payment based on Proforma Invoice that will be sent to you after submitting the form.
  4. Zabbix engineer will contact you and connect to you system with credentials provided.
  5. Sales Invoice will be mailed to you to close the transaction.

Remote Troubleshooting vs. Consulting

Remote Troubleshooting suggests that Zabbix engineer connects to your Zabbix server remotely and performs actions to diagnose, understand and cure a problem that you have ran into. This means that Zabbix engineer actually solves the problem by executing commands, changing configuration of Linux server, database or Zabbix server.

Consulting is providing oral suggestions on topics related to architecture, capacity planning, performance tuning, distributed monitoring, clustering etc.

So Consulting is teaching you on the high level how to do things while Remote Troubleshooting is actually completing a task for you by Zabbix engineer.

Remote Troubleshooting Service Purchase Order

Submit this form to request Zabbix Remote Troubleshooting Service for your company. We will send you back a Proforma Invoice for the selected solution type and further instructions as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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