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Zabbix is used by many companies, from very small with just few devices, and up to very large ones with tens of thousands of devices under control. Businesses representing different industries rely on Zabbix monitoring solution in order to find the right balance between keeping high SLAs and optimizing costs of managing IT environments.

Zabbix monitoring software is used not only to supervise network and IT hardware, but often applied to monitor software and applications, KPIs, non-IT equipment, production facilities, embedded devices and in other areas described here.

So why not to start using Zabbix monitoring solution today?

Easy to Implement

Just visit our Download section. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • use virtual appliance to get a taste of Zabbix in no time. Zabbix is pre-installed and pre-configured, including MySQL back-end, so you may start monitoring your first device in less than 10 minutes;
  • download Zabbix packages available for most popular Linux distributions. It makes installation process easy and predictable. It also allows you to remove Zabbix easily if you won't find our solution to fit your needs;
  • install from sources, if you prefer to keep everything under control or every special setup is required.

As alternative you may always contact Zabbix company and order Turn-Key Solution. Installation and setting up Zabbix to monitor your whole environment may take just few days for our experienced engineers with no risk to fail on implementation.


No financial investments are required to start monitoring with Zabbix. The software is released under GPLv2 open-source license, which means a software is free to download and use. There is no license fee, so Zabbix may be used to monitor unlimited number of devices within organization. This means freedom to start using Zabbix at any time, without asking anyone's permission or getting approval.

License does not have any time limits in terms of the use of software, it cannot be revoked or terminated. Therefore there is not risk to be asked to pay any license fee in the future.

Open-source also means free access to the code of the program and right to modify the code according to your needs. Changes to the code can be made by internal resources or by contracting any third party. And you may always contact Zabbix company to develop required functionality. Learn more about advantages of ordering development services from Zabbix.

There is no risk to be left alone with any technical issue an organization may face when using Zabbix monitoring solution. Zabbix software is well documented, and community resources such as forum and IRC channel provide assistance to non-standard situation. But what is more important, there is a true 24x7 technical support available from Zabbix company, which means guaranteed resolution time to any issue related to the configuration or use of Zabbix monitoring software. Learn more about different levels of support in Technical support section.

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